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y told eporters...he's all those political ads...sponsoree by penn national....he company that pwns charlestoww west virginia. (governor) "thh gaming coopany phat's funding all of these ads that claim that gambling dollars that never go to schools, total hoowash, complete say that we are not investing inn 3 education." iffyou caat if you cast your vote today.../// you... prrbably... waited in line...//janice parkk.. llvee.. at... a... polling ocation... in... north baltimore.../ where... where... a... close questions.../ are making for.. long lines.janice?
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jeff... as of 3 o'clock the board of eleetions sayss118 thousand marylanders have come out o they're having to aat as long as two hours! buutthey're &ptakiig it in stride,,and sayiiggit's worth having thhir vooce eard. this school ii northwest baltimore, is just one example of folks lining up...out of the doors toovote.the board of elections says ttey estimate voter turnout will be up slightly from 2008...we're &plooking at possibly about 80 of registereddvoters in participate today.besides longglinee theee have been reports of some ppaces running shoot of election cardd ....but the board of elections reassures us that it hass't interferred tto much with voting.also maae sure you read your samppe ballot before you vote...that will also ease
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up voting congesttin. "i care for my countrr and i like politics and listened to the debates.. and i defiiitely im here.. im voting" the pmportant to note that polling places like this one will close sharply at 8 pm....but election officials telllus if you are n ine at 8 willlbe able to vote.liie in north baltimore, jp fox45 news at 530. 3 vooees... casting their . ballot... today,.../ a... woman ...from... northwest baltimore... who... is... just... aa.. few months ...shy... of 100...///. as ... reports ...//, harriet jooes... isn't... lettiig her age... prevent her... from iccing a president. p3 (voice-"be real careful") this day: "i'mmgoing to vote &pfor my president- bows ead" herjournny: just two miles: (vvice)"ya think you ccn get me in that car? yeah we cann pill ddcide the destiny of a -
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nation. (in car close on harriet)"im 99 now i will be 100 in february,."hhrriet was born in 1913... when william taft was president... as a young woman... she remembers casting her first vote: for franklin roosevelt.(voice only)"im so glad to be able to vott"she arrives at ashbbrton at the people here.."there are long llnes... (harriet)"if i counter)"first name"(nurse ann harriet)"righttwhere the x is" harriet recalls prior presidential racee:(harriet) p"hen you call he names i'll remember... did yyu vote for bush... who? "but she's not concerned about the past.... nearly 110 year ood is only concerned about the future. (in booth)"now what do i do now?"((lose from front)"i till yoo push the buttom.. t oh thhnn youu("bare-ick obama
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and joe biden i want to vote of naaee and ssses.... (two shot wider from ront)"i dont know whattits about"but harriet 's quest to ecide who the next 4 years.. s complete. (wheeling away from booth)"thank you.. thank yoo ggd... " her civic duty: done. ("heres you sticker that pays.. i vootd..") ii northwest bblt. voice " i want to be sure i can vote." kc fox 45 news at five.thirty jones... is... one of in... this area.../ who... got rides... to polling places.../ 3we asked you to show us what the polls looo like n your neigghorhood.and based on youu photoss... voter turnout is looking pretty good... take a look at how crowddd it was ashbuuton elementary school. and altimoreecounty voters braved the ccod outside summit park elementaay, where the line stretched into the parking lot and down he sidewalk..
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election... or if you see news &phappen... see it shoot it sen it. you can send foxbalttimre dot com and click on the see it shoot it send it 3 fox45 givvs you he most in- deptt coverage online tonight. we will stream the presidential aaceptance - speech and consolation peech on or website... foxbaltimore dot com. official results will also be updated automatically. putomatically. ann gee updates and sound off on tonight's races by going to our facebook page... facebook dot com llsh fox altimore... and on twitter at foxbaltimore. and tonight on foxx5 ...we'll partner with the fox network to provide conttnuuus llve coverage of election rrsults here in maryland ann across the country beginning aa eighh will have complete coverrge of ten. 3 tte campaigning is
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real test for president barack this is barack obama. how are - you doing? doing? the pressddnt made annimpromptu sttp at aasmaal campaign field office in chicago. he even placed &ppast minutt caals to prospective voters. volunteers there and around polls.o get voters to the inaa - one day and these incredible folks who are workkng so hard, makinn phone calls, making sure that ppoole go ouu to vote. so iijust want to saa people. although opl. the president voted early this pear, vice president joe biden cast hhs vote in delaware this critical state of ohio to meett polling showw we could be - looking at the closest presidential race in history. sandra endo is live at miit 3
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romney's election night headqua. headquuaters...with a look at the campaign. inal hours of - 3 mitt rrmney is ot wasting a single mitt romney s not wasting a single mooent on his quest for 2770eleccoral votes. after castinn his oon ballot in massachusetts the republican hit the roaa one more time. hosting eleetion day events in theebattleground statee of ohio and his standard rallies...more a chance to thank supporters and remind vvters to hittthe polls. this a big day for bbg changg. 3
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in a way people didn't know a - pobs and better take home pay. mmnday, romney wrapped up his agggessiveecross-country rally schedule innthe ame place it starred 17 months hampshire.running mate paull ryan conccuded his campaign blitz in his home state of wisconsin.i feel great today. it's a great tradition. this is election day. i'm reaaly excited to be here.the republiccn ticket will reunite in bosttn to wait for thee poing innerviews and get-out the vote initiattves,we''e goo to rouun up some votes.the pres &pwill watch the returnssfrom day polling shows the candidates llcked in a staaistical deadd heat and the victor may not be declared until kky swwng &staae. across the country americans are staading in long lines to make sure theer vote is counted.iffthe results in dixviill notch, new hampshire
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country to casttballots - are any indication, his could be a long night.a key state romney muut win is viiginia, and polls close thhre at 7 eastern which could ggve a good indicatiin on how this night my turn out. reporttng in boston, i'm saadra endoo a ember of the new black panther party who was charged with vvter intimidation in the 2008 election was back today -- news ootained thhs video of jerry jackson...a designated poll watcher in philadelphia trademark black beret and pombat-style uniform. you may recall this scene from 3
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3 groups..athering in clubs or were not carrring election, clevvland, ohii, polling sstes panther reports of new there were also there wereeaass reports of new blaak panther party memberssatt polling sstes inncleveland, ohio, but unlike the 2008 election, membees were not grouus. how are the roadsslooking tonig? ttnight?brandi prrctor hhs our traffic edge report. report. mapliberty40mapshawanmap395
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3 we're still cleaning up from &pthe nee big storm set to hit ann an infectious disease... with a liik to after a medical ttch is accused of ssreadiig tte 3 --adblib weether i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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and see why millions have chosen fios over cable. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v social... &ppver... when it comes to politics. president... obama... and... governnr romney ... are... makinn. ...last- to... voters online...///.paul gessler... joins us ... from. ..the... social media desk... to tell us... how. paul--
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33 the northeasttsstll recovering from sandy faces another upcoming sttrm a nor'eester barreling in while vvctims struggle to pick up the pieces... and try to exxrccse theer ivic duty during the presidential election david lee miller has the latest rom queens, new york. yorkk as folkk rebuild after hurricane saady,a nor'easttr is eepecttd toohit the northeast on wwddesday. the mayor of bricc township -- a new jersey community devastated by
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mandatory evacuation.christie &psays: "it's smart for mayyr evacuation. he spoke with us before he did it e told him supportive of it...because &pbrickkis so severly ccmpromised right now because of the first storm." povernor christie says utility companies are doing a pretty good job reetoring power...with more than tww million people back onllne. p new york goverror andrew cuooo - onnthe other hand - lashing out at utility pompanies across hissstaae with hundreds of thousands still in the dark,cuooo says: state that the utility f this &pcompanies will be held accountable nd thhy will and &pwe will also learnnfrom this situation." new york officials also preeprrng for the looming nor'easter... keeping out--f-state utility workers in the area as long as needed. officials say power to more than eighty- percent offnew yook ciiy has been restored. new york payor michael bloooberg thanking anitation workers for theii efforts this mmrning...before casting his pooe in today's ellction. bloomberg says: "i knoo mann encountering linessat the
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polls. be patient iis worth &pthe wait to be part f the proces. i ill saayi alked to a lot of people who ere very enthusiasticcthat tteyyhaa the chance to vote." voters &pthroughoot the nortteast ssy they will not be stopped by the ssorm... fficials in new york aad new jersey are doing everytting in their power to assist voters. iller jersey and here in new york cast their ballots at áanyá polling location using an affidavit ballot. in queens, &pfox news." p a... case of... heeatitis c... in maryllnd... / apppars... &p to... be linked... to praveling... hospital workkr... accused of tampering ...with needles. medical... tech... davidd.. quit- charged... in... new hampshire... with... infecting ...more than 30 people....///he... also worked four hossittll in which... began - ...testinn... more than 17-hundred patiints... came in contact... with him..../onne.. infection.../ at... the baltimore... v-a... pedical center... appears to be closely related... to the othee 3 patient... survived.../// the ultimate absentee
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ballott.the votes coming in from outer ssacc.
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. you... can call it.. /
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.the... ultimate....absentee ballot! everr... vote counts.../ including earth's orbit...///.mission control... at the johnson space center... in houston... e--mails... a... digital vvrsion... of the ballot.../ up astronauts the international pace station...//.when... the ballot is complete,... it comes back down is then sent.... to the voting authorities. -- react to story -- cool temperatures.... sunny skies... perfect election day...keeping an eye on thee nor''aster...chief meteorologist vytas reid....
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what better way to say thank you to all our viewers than the fox 45 thanksgiveaway? thanksgiving - &penter... go to our facebbok page... like us... and clicc onncontests. &pcontests.then... ... we'll giie away aa100- dollar gift card on fox 45 morning news... every hour... a-m.he ssow... starting at 5 3 the man whh brought a pre-nfl championship to
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pest...but hey have nothing to do with the electton... vegassoddsmakers have spoken, anddttey like the ravens thhs ssnday...rrght noow baltimore is abouuta 7 poinn avorite overoakland this sundayy,, sunday,,, emerging weapon last sundayyin back bernard ierce has been played in ll 8 games, but - only has around 30 carriis... against the browns, he got in tte end zone..his first touchdownas aapro...aad the wayyjohh harbaugh sounds, yoo'll bb seeing more f him... 3
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for two years before the ravens got here, the baltimore stallions were apowerhouse in and the man who led them is ailing tonight...head coach has cancerrof the lymph nodes.. in a statement, matthews sayy hell...none of us who kkow him doubts hat for a minutee..a cfl hall of famer, the 73 year old maathews led baltimore to of five he won during hii 35 e- year career in theenfl...he's also a five time cfl coachhof the year winner. mmrr tonight on sports unlimited...sometime during all thh election coverage.... --toss to vytas-- vytas-- 3& 3
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3 that's alllfor fox45 news at &p5:30."family eud" is next. nexx.and we'll be back tonighh for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... later. yoo laterr
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announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by

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